How To Play Tou Bao Fan Tan


Fan tan, an ancient Chinese gambling game for the village, popular in the latter half of 19th century American West. Central to design a box tables, Zuozhuang each side labeled 1,2,3,4. Makers caught two small coins, beans or other small things, poured on the table, covered with iron bowl; players bet on the heap after the other with the number 4 In addition to the number, and note the box under the edge of the selected numbers. Bet, the dealer is open tureen, with a small stick removed 4 small things each time, until the last remaining 4 or less than 4 so far. This is victory number; if the last remaining four coins, those that charge 4 to win, the rest on. Making note of removing each won 25%, and the remaining note payable to the winner 5 times, that is, the difference between winning or losing 2.75 to 1, the actual difference was 3 to 1. Such fan tan and continuous card game of fan tan different, should not be confused.


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  2. This game is a real-time video transmission, in order to allow you to clearly see close-up number, after the results produced in each game, with the condition that does not affect the game results dealer will zoom in the camera, and then provide the results to all players.
  3. If due to any factor occurs and the game has to be stopped for temporarily, if there is no result produced in the game, all bet amount will be refund back to your account.
  4. White represents 1; green represents 2; yellow for 3; red for 4; T representatives; X representatives lose.


Bet types Explanation Odds
FAN A bet on a single number. 1: 2.85
NIM A bet on two numbers, one of which is indicated as a push. 1: 1.90
KWOK A bet on two numbers, both of which win. 1: 0.95
NGA A bet on three numbers, one of which is indicated as a push. 2: 0.95
SSH A bet on three numbers, all of which win 3: 0.95

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