How To Play Roulette


  1. The operating and setting of this web site is practically very similar to a real casino, under no circumstances our management decisions are official and final.
  2. This game is for real-time video transmission, in order to allow you to clearly see close-up numbers on the outcome of each game result; the dealer will stop the number wheel on a fixed-point or camera spot where without affecting the gaming operation, and then provide the result to all players.
  3. If any of the following takes place:
    a. When the dealer spins the ball and accidentally the ball falls out the wheel; called as 'Flying ball'
    b. Once the ball stops on any number when it has not completed 4 rounds spinning
    c. When the ball keeps spinning on the wheel and unable to stop on any number as usual. Then the dealer will stop the wheel, and the immediate supervisor will place the ball onto the previous game number and spin the ball again. However, all bets are valid under this incident and players are unable to cancel their bets.
    Under no circumstances, if the dealer stops the operation of the wheel during the game, then this game will be restarted and the ball has to be spun again.
    If the result from the game differs from displayed on the system, then the result from the game will be official and need to be keyed in again.
    Network failure during the game causes the system malfunctioned: If the ball has fallen into the number box, then this game is considered as valid and the result needs to be inputted. d. If the ball has not fallen into the number box, then the dealer will stop the wheel and place the ball onto the previous game number. The ball will be spun again once the system is back to normal and continue the game as usual.
    In the event of any suspicious during the operating of the game and the result has not been produced; all bets will be credited back to customers account.

There are several types of Roulette betting such as Straight up, Split, Street, Square, Line, Column, Dozen, Black/Red, Odd/Even and Big/Small etc.


Bet Type Odds
Straight up 1:35
Split 1:17
Street 1:11
Square 1:8
Line 1:5
Column 1:2
Black/Red, Odd/Even, Big/Small 1:1

NOTE: CMD368 Online Casino will try all the best to avoid any mistakes during the game, and appreciate your patience cooperation.